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Lazar Cover Girl by ValkyrieMoon
"Easy, Breezy, Beautiful......COVER GIRL"
He's beautiful. Lazar I love you~
Lazar's getting an update tonight hopefully. It has to do with character development and him actually getting his lower back replaced. I did get rid of some tanks I didn't like on his arm and hip.
Fernweh- (Farsickness) A longing for a far off place the individual has never been. Many Irish decedents feel this longing for the place their ancestors left long ago. 
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

I don't normally have crushes on fictional characters but when I do......its every version of Loki in mythology, books, movies and a freaking elf named Hearthstone! hellllllp

Icon by :iconsparaze:




19/ Sexual Orientations - Demisexual by TwinkJinx/ Genderfluid Pride Flag by polaromi/ Romantic Orientations - Demiromantic by TwinkJinx/INFP-T/ Team Mystic Emote (F2U) by Unsuspicious-Pizza/Married

Adopt account :iconwind-lion-temple:

:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz: Fursona: Zoshiki by ValkyrieMoon :heart: Octavian Ref by ValkyrieMoon

Hello. I am ValkyrieMoon, You can call me Valk or Zoshiki if you would like.

I am an artist of mixed media who enjoys roleplay groups and drawing my shitty ocs.

TDE: Goku Chibi by Sparaze

A bit about myself:

I have been drawing since I was a little girl, but I started writing at the age of about 6 or 7. I had horrible Dyslexia and my parents believed that it would help me to both read and write if I started to learn how to use the words I had trouble seeing in creations of my own. When I began middle school about 7 or so years ago I was put into band class. There I began writing a story that parodied my life and mixed it with Fantasy. Soon I made the mistake of trusting someone, which lead to harassment issues and extreme bullying both online and in person. I of course held onto what I originally created, but I removed/changed all of my childish fantasies. I was able to get a copyright in the summer 2012. Almost 3 years or more after I began writing it originally. I am actually glad that I cut ties with others simply because it was starting to become a bullshit romance when I intended for it to be more or less an action/adventure series dealing with struggles of being the odd-man-out and finding ones place in a society that is full of someone who will always be better than you.

Soon after that violent end, My fiance of about 6 years now, found me again. CrypticLion . He has been working with me on a later part of the series which is what I often post concept art of. It is extremely complicated and deals with things on a bit of a larger and more difficult to explain level. He and I plan on getting married in the next few years after we both finish college. He is a huge inspiration for me and often helps me explore ideas that aren't often explored in literature.

:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz: Gift: Flower King by Sparaze

:icondecay-of-gold: is comic series I will was originally working on with Sparaze . It was originally inspired by lupisvulpes 's work, but soon became its own thing with complex ideas and rules not found in the work of its inspiration. We are both still huge fans of Lupis, but believe our work was too original to be considered a fan comic/series for Audience. Nythero is now on staff and will be working with both of us. We will be making 3 separate comics that intertwine in the same world. We even have characters in the lands controlled by the other. So many crossovers will be made. We hope to see some fan creations once we get the ball rolling.

:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz: SotF: Hey Brother o Mine by Sparaze

Thanks to my long time inspiration, Firewolf-Anime I have found myself in an increasingly large number of roleplay groups. I do ask that you DO NOT post any advertisements on my page about your rp groups. If you want me to join. Please send me a note.


:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz: Cecil Icon by Sparaze Lazarus Icon by Sparaze Nerezza Icon by Sparaze


:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz: EBC: AT with Val: Damasen + Shani by Sparaze


:bulletgreen: Commission :bulletgreen:


:bulletred: Art Trades :bulletred:

Friends Only!

:bulletgreen: Roleplays :bulletgreen:


:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz: EBC: Event 6 - Intense Rivalry by Firewolf-Anime Super Kisses by Firewolf-Anime

:bulletgreen: Characters Open for RP :bulletgreen:

-Sindbad CoR
-Percidal CoR
-Murasaki CoR
-Anubis CoR
-Damasen EBC
-Kouga EBC
-Nuri EBC
-Araceli EBC
-Yzma EBC
-Imogen EBC
-Korrigan KoA
-Cecil CoS
-Calypso CoS
-Echopaw SotF
-Hollowpaw SotF
-Caven FotL
-Alekard CoI
-Son Goku TDE

:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz: What Could Have Been by Firewolf-Anime What Once Was by Firewolf-Anime EBC: Pull the Trigger by Firewolf-Anime

:bulletred: Characters Closed for RP :bulletred:

-Masaru AoB
-Adonis EBC


Pack Leader Stamp by MorganLeslee
Azula 195 by TotemSpirit
Zuko 497 by TotemSpirit
Fergus 9095 by TotemSpirit

Kirpy Tatra 105 by Saliko-Archive
Nesamad Tundra 88 by Saliko-Archive
Cairo Kumba 105 by Saliko-Archive
Luxor Kumba 164 by Saliko-Archive
Circe Kumba 124 by Saliko-Archive

Igneous Kalayo 4 by Quoeria-Register
Kaziel Kalit 32 by Quoeria-Register
Muirgheal Tubig 37 by Quoeria-Register
Geb Yuta 37 by Quoeria-Register
Pompeii Kalayo 113 by Quoeria-Register
Leander Behemoth 23 by Quoeria-Register

Dyanna 15 by KujaroAdmin

:iconblackdivider0redo::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider5plz: CM Kouga Kivuli Dante and Tsar by RandomComicSheet CM: The Stroll by Orso-chan

PC: Kami and Alex Journal Doll by araignee-cafe

:iconvalkyriemoon: Blah, Blah , Blah:iconsparaze: Hidden Mickey by Nythero
  • Listening to: Michael in The Bathroom - Be More Chil l
  • Reading: Magnus Chase
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  • Playing: Wildstar
  • Eating: Chocolate with Seasalt Caramel
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on Tumblr

Random ass main WS/Ask blog

Ask Chihiro

Ask The Mordesh (open to other users by request)

Pagan blog

Just my blogs in case anyone wants to see me where I'm more active. I post WIPs on my main blog sometimes.

Expect NSFW tags etc.


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